An Evening in London

An Evening in London





What’s great about taking an evening walk in central London?

  1.  You can enjoy great views of landmark sites all lighted up.
  2.  There is often a good musical accompaniment with someone busking nearby.
  3.  The atmosphere is more relaxed, even leisurely, in sharp contrast to the hustle and bustle and the “I need to get somewhere important” rush of the city during the day.
  4.  It can be a romantic end to a date.
  5.  Seeing all the tourists reminds you to appreciate what is around you and to “live in the moment”.
  6.  Its light exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise.

Here are some photos I took on my evening walk in London…..

London Eye from street when early eve

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

London Eye, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

London Eye, Houses of Parliament & Big BenLondon Eye, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Moon Behind CloudsLondon Evening with Moon Behind Clouds

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben with Flag

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben with Flag

London Eye with Coloured Lights

London Evening Landscape

Forthcoming posts over next few weeks: Unusual experiences, socially beneficial experiences, a really happy story and of course several mystery posts…

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  1. That is one of my regrets with my summer trip to London. That I did’t enjoy London more in the evenings. We was to tierd do that. But hopefully I will be back there to enjoy it.,Oh who I’m I kidding I will be back and I will enjoy it.
    I just love London.

    • Thank you 🙂 I was interested in the great sewing machine design u posted on because i’m going to start using a more complicated sewing machine soon!!! I’ve got a “creative idea” in my head that I have to try out in my spare time! ps. I’ve never used a sewing machine before in my life!!

      • Damn! The pressure… 😉 Actually i’m looking forward to starting it… just trying to get some important projects out the way and then I can get started… My mum is gonna give me some tips and lend me her machine (she’s been sewing since she was a kid!).

        I’m going to pop back to your blog later this week when I have some time because there are a number of posts on there I have to read properly – I think theres one on there about a fashion label created especially for elderly people – I love the idea!

  2. Amazing photos… u brought home to me which i hug u for… Just seeing the River Thames and the house of Parliament brought back tons of memories :O)
    Keep them coming dear!

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