Seven MORE Songs From My “Never Giving Up, Empowering and Go For It” Playlist


One Moment in Time (Whitney Houston)…  Love this song…


Miss Independent (Ne-yo)… What a gentleman…


Baba Yetu (Christopher Tin)…  This track is incredibly empowering and full of life.  It featured in “Calling All Dawns”, the Grammy-winning album and won an award at the 11th Annual Independent Music Awards.  The lyrics are in Swahili and are a translation of the Lord’s Prayer.  The track features a Gospel choir.  I didn’t understand the lyrics at first and that made absolutely no difference as to how the music spoke to me – the track is empowering, irrespective of whether you understand the lyrics.


Wake Up Everybody (Teddy Pendergrass, Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes)…  Set it for your morning alarm…


Chale Chalo (With English subtitles, soundtrack for Bollywood movie Lagaan)…  The movie (released in 2001) is set in the Victorian period when India was under British rule.  Poor farmers and villagers struggle to pay the high taxes imposed by the British rulers.  The high taxes are imposed despite the lack of rainfall, which means a poor harvest.  One young man (Bhuvan) from the village agrees to a wager with the British officers, whereby if the poor villagers / farmers beat the British in a game of cricket then their taxes for 3 years would be cancelled, but if they lose then they would have to pay triple the tax.  Bhuvan then has to convince the villages of the opportunity in the wager and confront various challenges including learning to play a foreign, alien game without even the appropriate resources, confronting various injustices (e.g. fighting for a dalit (“untouchable”) to play on their team) and dealing with the pressure that the fate of the entire province rests on a single game.  The Movie is absolutely amazing and easily one of my favourites.  It has won much critical acclaim and was ranked in the 25 best sports movies by TIME magazine in 2011.  The movie is available with English subtitles.  This particular song is incredibly empowering and motivating.  There is a short movie clip prior to the song.


We Will Rock You (Queen)…  Although the lyrics, in their totality, may be interpreted as “not very empowering”, the track itself is widely regarded as empowering…  So I don’t pay much attention to the lyrics, apart from the “We Will Rock You” part 😉


Man In The Mirror (Michael Jackson)…  I think this is my favourite Jackson song…


For more please check out…

Let me know what you think!

Please note that I do not assert any rights over the copyright of the above music videos.  I do not own any such rights and do not intend to infringe on any copyright.  The copyright for each music video is owned by the respective owners.  Some of the owners (and further information) may be identified by going to the video on You Tube.


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