Performance of Dramatic Elegance


With the International Horse Show in Olympia, London coming soon in December, I thought I would post some photos I took at last years show.  

In addition to the show-jumping and dressage events, the show featured “The Lusitano Ride” from Portugal, where ten riders and their horses performed with precision and dramatic elegance to portuguese music.  Every move perfectly co-ordinated, beautifully performed…

Portuguese - The Lusitano Ride Photo 1Portuguese - The Lusitano Ride 2Portuguese - The Lusitano Ride 3

Portuguese - The Lusitano Ride 4

Portuguese - The Lusitano Ride 5

Portuguese - The Lusitano Ride 6

Portuguese - The Lusitano Ride 7

The show also featured Lorenzo, the Flying Frenchman, who stands on two horses, while he “commands” another four.  The six horses gallop and jump, all perfectly co-ordinated, with Lorenzo still standing, with one foot on each of two horses!

Lorenzo, the Flying Frenchman 2

Lorenzo, the Flying Frenchman 3

Lorenzo, the Flying Frenchman 4

Lorenzo, the Flying Frenchman 5

Lorenzo, the Flying Frenchman 8

Then there was the clown with his cute pony…

Clown and Pony 1

Clown and Pony 2

Christmas Finale

And of course, given the time of year, there was the Christmas finale, which was magical…

There was also a christmas shopping village with many equestrian stalls.

Unintentionally I managed to dress in a way that fit in with the equestrian theme, with my leggings and knee-high boots – so that was lucky!  So if you’re planning to go this year and are stuck for what to wear, you could always try that!

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