How do you feel about smiling more?

How do you feel about celebrating different aspects of life?

How do you feel about positively overcoming obstacles – obstacles that are largely dismissed or overlooked but that are nonetheless debilitating?

How do you feel about positive stories?

How do you feel about unusual experiences, exploration and discovery?

If you are interested in any of these then I am certain that this blog’s SCOPE

  • Smile
  • Celebrate
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Positive stories
  • Experiences

…will fulfil your wishes.

I’m Mira Krsna-bhagath.  I am currently resident in London and at the youthful age of 30 I have decided to start my first blog.  But what do I have to say that may be of value?  How am I qualified to blog on the above mentioned areas?

  1. Firstly, my personal traits mean that I have much to say that falls within SCOPE.  For example, I am open-minded and have a disposition towards exploration and seeking new experiences. 
  2. Secondly, my life has been far from what some may call “ordinary”… in fact, some of my experiences might be classed as decidedly “unusual”.  This means that I can blog from personal experience – so, for example, if I blog about a particular challenge then it will be one I have personally faced and successfully overcome. 
  3. Thirdly, I have been told many a time that I have a different perspective on many things…

I will be posting 1-2 blog posts a week.  Some of the things I will be blogging on include:

  • Unique and interesting experiences (in London, UK and from travels)
  • Real-life stories demonstrating acts of kindness and compassion
  • Overcoming obstacles that are largely overlooked

Some specific forthcoming blogs that you may like to look out for include:

  • Discounts at London West End Theatre
  • Interesting experiences that are socially beneficial

At the end of each blog post I will mention forthcoming posts but I will also keep some posts secret… I’m hoping you love surprises as much as I do!

So lets raise a half-full glass to skipping through a life less ordinary!


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  1. I appreciate your stopping by my blog and liking one of my quotes. I will enjoy looking around here, I’m sure. Have a great half-full kinda day!

    P. S. I skip through life, too, but at my age, it’s not easy and not a pretty sight, either!

  2. Hiya Mira. Thanks so much for your recent comments on Mr Oh. Lovely to hear from you. I have just written an update post which will let you know what’s going on in my world. Best wishes, Rob

  3. Hello Mira. Was just blog hopping and thought of sending you some virtual sunshine which hopefully will warm up your blog, hatching some fresh, heart-warming posts in the process 🙂 *hugs*

    • Hey bansuri, Thanks for your message and for thinking of me 🙂 I only just logged in after ages and ages and saw your message. To be honest I haven’t even been reading wordpress blogs for a while because of other demands. I hope to start reading blogs and posting again soon… hopefully in a month. Meanwhile, I hope all is well with you. Thank you for the * virtual sunshine * 🙂 I could have gotten this completely wrong but I think I remember you saying ages ago in a really old post that you love the rain? So I’m going to send you some *virtual rain* back. I’m so sorry if I’ve got that wrong and if i’ve confused you with someone else – please forgive me. Best wishes, Mira

      • Hi Mira. No, you are completely right about the rain and it made me smile to receive some *virtual rain* from you 🙂 I completely understand how life gets in the way sometimes and getting to a new blog post always kind of moves itself down the priority list, right? I’m trying to find some sort of blog group where i feel comfortable and which would encourage me to once again squeeze some creative juices out and enjoy the high yet peaceful feeling feeling of writing. Haven’t found one yet. Take good care and keep happy.

  4. love the name you picked for your blog… Cheers to THAT!! btw, stopped by the Pockets post on the other blog, but since my comments were somehow disallowed there (??) I thought I’d share my solution with you… had a spare tampon mishap at the gym 9gah!) which made me realize how much pockets in our clothes suck… so I patented a little problem-solver you might find useful. Just google PortaPocket…and see what I mean.
    xox, @PortaPocketGal
    p.s. visiting London and Scotland next year… can’t wait!

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