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Savouring Heavenly Chocolate on National Chocolate Week


photo of billionaire shortcake chocolate and coffee and walnut milk chocolate

A friend and I recently decided to sign up for the most fabulous chocolate tasting club… one membership between us (if we had one membership each we would end up eating far too much chocolate!)… Its a flexible monthly membership with one box of the finest wonderfulness sent to us each month.  The first box arrived just in time for National Chocolate Week (running from 8th Oct to 14th Oct).

We decided to go for the milk chocolate collection because we both prefer the mellow and creamy taste of milk chocolate over the more deep and bitter taste of darker chocolate.  The free box of nibbles that were provided with the first box are already finished…  How could they not be?  Crunchy caramelised almonds and hazelnuts coated in delicious chocolate…


When I opened the chocolate box I was greeted by the inviting and irresistible aroma.  Each beautiful and exquisitely crafted chocolate is testament to the care and attention to detail of these chocolatiers.  Indeed, an exquisite chocolate can and will engage all your senses, not only your taste buds.  Aesthetically, it will be a work of art.  Its aroma will fill the room.  You will hear that first satisfying bite.  Textures and tastes are an exciting paradise, just waiting to be explored and relished.  Beyond my five senses, even my mind was engaged by the wonderfully unusual creations hidden in the box!!!  “Salt and Pepper” chocolate… “Raspberry Mousse”…  This is after all, a chocolate tasting club!!! 

photo of full box of milk chocolate selectionphoto of pink champagne milk chocolate

I had never before tried raspberry chocolate… until now that is!  The “Raspberry Mousse” is described as being “made with plenty of white chocolate, cream and raspberry juice whipped together to make a refreshing mousse that’s brimming with rounded creamy notes cut through with the zing of raspberry.  Encased in a milk chocolate cup and finished with raspberry pieces for even more fruity explosions” (The Chocolate Tasting Club 2012).  As wonderful as this description is and the connotations it gives, as evocative and as sensual the description  is, the actual chocolate is better.  My words cannot do it justice, but I would describe eating this chocolate as a bite into a crisp, solid, chocolate shell, that releases a full and tangy but also creamy burst of fresh raspberries with cream onto my waiting taste buds, covering them so fully with the refreshing, sunny and satisfying taste of summer, before adding smooth chocolate with each subsequent bite.

photo of post milk chocolate and hazelnut praline swirl photo of pink champagne and coffee walnut milk chocolate photo of post milk chocolate and hazelnut praline swirl

The “Whisky Truffle” was a bit too strong for me… I later read that its enough to “knock your socks off”!!!   Hmmm….

Another one I have to mention is the “Caramel Crunch” which is described as “a celebration of contrasting textures and complementary flavours with an utterly harmonious result.  Inside there’s a melt-away hazelnut praline made with a drop of caramel, which blends and mingles perfectly.  And outside comes the contrast in the shape of a whole roasted hazelnut for a bit of crunchy bite.  Enrobed in mellow milk chocolate” (The Chocolate Tasting Club 2012).  Its absolutely delicious and the contrasting textures completely held my attention, bringing intrigue, “fullness” and variety to the experience, defining it further.

Milk Chocolate Close up of billionaire shortcake coffee and walnut and raspberry mousse

There are still many more to go and i’m looking forward to trying the Billionaire’s Shortbread…  and i’m so curious about the “salt and pepper” chocolate!

How have you been celebrating chocolate this week?  If you haven’t done anything “chocolate-related” yet, don’t worry there are still four days to go!  How are you going to treat yourself this week?

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